To be proud of our positive impact on society while being economically viable

Indispensable on a daily basis both personally and professionally, corporate ethics concerns both the individual behavior of employees and the behavior of the company itself

Personal Data Protection Policy

Concerned about the protection of personal data, Limonetik ensures the best level of protection for your personal data in accordance with EU regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation ("RGPD") and Law No. 78- 17 of January 6, 1978 as amended (together, the "Regulations").
As such, a policy signed by each employee has been put in place.

Responsible Purchasing Policy

At the heart of the operation of the company, the Purchasing function represents a real issue at the heart of the CSR approach. Also, the implementation of responsible purchasing is essential in the ethical dimension.
Inseparable from Business, our Responsible Purchasing charter addresses aspects of morality, fair price, balance, requirements, quality and criteria in favor of the environment, social progress ... It concerns all our stakeholders.

Policies, codes of conduct and charters

Among the top 8% of companies assessed by EcoVadis in its sector of activity, Limonetik endeavors to draft its policies, codes of conduct and charters.
Thus the company ensures the proper understanding and application of its good practices into concrete actions.

Professional travel charter and expense reports

Set up to supervise and specify the use of expenses and conditions for professional travel, a charter has been put in place by Limonetik.
This is consistent with the utmost respect for legislation but also aims to apply good practices in environmental protection.

Recruitment policy and procedure

An essential process in the life of any business, recruitment represents a strategic point in the overall long-term organization. However, it should not be ignored that any recruitment involves strong financial stakes that can quickly take on considerable proportions.
Managed by human resources, it plays a central role. Its goal is to surround itself with collaborators (also called talents) with the cognitive abilities, skills, personality ... as well as possible in line with the strategy, the profession and the DNA of the company.
Our written procedure therefore aims to avoid any unsuitable but also unfair recruitment and to fully integrate new recruits for maximum efficiency.

All committed

A set of values ​​and recommendations, Ethics makes it possible to exchange, share and implement morally acceptable behavior.
Through its ethical approach, Limonetik aims to improve social dialogue, its credibility, its strategic positioning ... Intervening at all levels of the life of the company, it improves management methods, harmonizes the behavior of managers, employees, customers, partners, suppliers. Everyone knows their share of responsibility and the impact of their actions. Our approach creates value and builds trust.
We are a partner of the Master Ethires-Sorbonne, Paris. A professionalizing course in Business Philosophy and Ethics aimed at reconciling the imperatives of efficiency and concern for values ​​in the company. Plus our declarations and “proof” documents are up to date on the Provigis platform.

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