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Problem We Solve

Enable the new world of payments

Customers buy more via marketplaces. They pay with their preferred payment method. Hundreds of processors, acquirers and payment schemes offer unique and specialised payment services. So the global international payment industry became fragmented and complex.

Our payment platform at Limonetik joins together a broad range of payment providers to build a global end-to-end solution dedicated to addressing the challenges faced by merchants and marketplaces.


Access to solutions right for your sector

From ecommerce to physical stores, Limonetik offers solutions for every vertical and every payment channel. Key features such as great choice of payment methods, flexible partner integration options and sophisticated front and back office solutions make our platform exceptionally well suited for Retail, Travel, Digital Content  or Hospitality industries.

Address the new world of payment challenges

Your customers believe in your product. But, as the world changes, their requirements also evolve and they expect more from you! Limonetik enables you to respond to their demands by adding more features to your existing services:

  • o Accept more payment methods from our 250+ options
  • o Enable marketplace model utilising your existing and preferred payment providers
  • o Expand your reach to thousands of merchants

Experience the new world of payments

The change is already underway! Local payment methods, marketplaces and platform economies are the key payment trends for the 2020s.