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Multichannel payment


Multichannel payment

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Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
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Multichannel payment

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Limonetik and multichannel payment

Multichannel payment is one of the best solutions that online merchants can propose to their customers for paying the purchases they make on their websites. For benefiting from all the advantages offered by this system, ask for Limonetik, one of the leaders in the conception of personalized systems of innovative payment methods.

Limonetik, a multichannel payment management tool

Facilitator of multichannel payment, Limonetik gives all electronic commerce sites the possibility to put alternative payment methods at the clients’ disposal. Limonetik’s platform is dedicated to all online stores that have needs in payment instruments creation and implementation with the aim of the payment experience and facilitate the whole purchase. Limonetik minimizes time of payment instruments connection for online selling companies sometimes with the support of the payment service provider.

Multichannel payment, a useful solution

In the world of bricks and mortar retail, multichannel payment has become a fact of life. Consumers are used to choosing the payment method that is most convenient for them and they are also used to being rewarded for their efforts. The payment options may include money off vouchers, offer coupons, mobile payments and loyalty points as well as the normal cash, credit and debit card. It is no wonder, then, that when those consumers go online to shop that they might expect the same sort of options and service to be available.

Enabling multichannel payments

Many retailers may have been keen to implement such a multichannel payment strategy online but the work that has to be completed in terms of integration and back office systems is clearly considerable. In many cases this would clearly outweigh any benefit that could be gained from the implementation. Thankfully, this work has been completed by Limonetik. The Limonetik platform now offers a seamless integration to enable the use of multichannel payments, which is simple for vendors to implement and simpler still for customers to use.

The benefits of a multichannel payment system

For online retailers, getting a visitor onto the payments page is actually less than half of the battle. More than two thirds of customers who start to fill their shopping cart abandon it without completing a purchase. This represents a huge loss of investment for the vendor, who has already gone to much effort to entice the customer thus far. With the Limonetik multichannel payment system, however, this loss can be transformed into more satisfied customers. Indeed, the Limonetik system is a great boon for both retailer and customer in enabling a better online purchasing experience.

A complete multichannel payment solution

The Limonetik platform takes the payment page and turns it into a positive experience for the customer, encouraging them to complete their purchase and building trust and loyalty. The customer is first presented with a familiar page that reflects the branding of the vendor. A too long and complex checkout process is one of the main reasons for abandoned carts, so the Limonetik system is simple and sleek. During the process the customer will be reassured by prominent access to support personnel and can be presented with personalised offers and rewards. Crucially, the customer is able to pay by using the method or combination of methods that he prepares, which greatly increases sales completion.