Integrated payment services


accelerate vendor recruiting and payment management


Integrated payment services


offer mobile payment for a multi-channel customer path


Integrated payment services


accelerate the development of your portfolio of payment methods and increase your customer satisfaction


Integrated payment services


offer a new innovative and loyalty inspiring service to your policy holders and simplify their replacement process



Integrated payment services

Integrated payment services

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Facilitating online payment procedure

Electronic Commerce has developed into a major business that retailers are now required to find a solution in order to adapt all existing forms of payments into their system. Most of them choose to use integrated payment services in order to facilitate online purchasing procedures.

A solution that improves the customers’ service quality

An online payment platform is an interface system used by Electronic Commerce retailers and their customers.

This system helps have a wide range of forms of payment, increase sales conversion rate, and improve customers’ service quality. As a matter of fact, all services offered by an online payment service provider adopt a marketing strategy that propose users to realize targeted market campaigns and customers fidelity programs without investing huge amount of money.

How does it work?

When a customer decides to finalize a purchase, he will be redirected to a personal payment page. He will have the possibility to combine multiple forms of payment which will ultimately facilitate the procedure. The page can eventually propose different kinds of discounts intended to reward loyal customers.

The online payment service provider’s task is to manage everything related to demands, debits, and purchase cancelling…etc. the Electronic Commerce retailer will receive later on the confirmation of the transaction.

Furthermore, direct financial trades between retailers and online payment service providers along with all transactions tracking have become easier due to the use of integrated payment services and unified budget monitoring.

Limonetik: a platform intended to provide improved customer service

Limonetik is an online payment service provider that offers the possibility to use all forms of payment.

Our mission is to connect all forms of payment to the retailers so that they would not have any technical issue related to online payment.

Our service will provide you a personalized payment page with a high quality customers’ service. You will also have the possibility to boost your sales by adopting targeted marketing campaigns and customers’ fidelity programs such as discounts and payment flexibility.

We also offer services to other methods of payment providers who wish to get their products approved by e-traders faster and adopt sales boosting and customers’ fidelity programs. With Limonetik, all forms of payments can be used by the users each time they carry out an online or offline purchase.

We are also able to help those e-traders expand their business in the international level by developing retailers’ networks and centralizing financial and budget monitoring…etc. Our model provides a more secure and well monitored online transactions system.