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E-commerce payment solution


E-commerce payment solution

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E-commerce payment solution

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E-commerce: managing payment solution

Numerous forms of payment are available to e-commerce companies. All those forms need to be integrated as one single system in order to facilitate the payment. Limonetik is an online payment solution provider that offers a platform to centralize all payment operations.

What are payment methods available to e-commerce companies?

Numerous payment methods are available for those who wish to venture into e-commerce business.

Bank cards are still the most widely used methods, representing about 80% of online payments. The customer needs to know the card’s number, the expiration date, and the 3-digit verification code on the back. 3-D secure is a protocol designed to be additional security layer for those cards.

Moreover, digital wallets are also quite successful and popular among younger generations as they are both simple and practical. Furthermore, most of the e-commerce companies offer this payment scheme.

Professional companies still favor bank transfer as payment method. Also mobile commerce payments are possible with a solution proposed by banks that does not require any card.

Other systems such as check and cash on delivery are also possible but require a closer relationship with customers because these systems are prone to frauds and scams.

The fact that online payment solution are numerous requires e-commerce companies to approve all forms of payment giving the fact that customers can pay by using bank cards or other available systems such as digital wallet, and mobile commerce…etc. It becomes in that matter harder to choose the kind of payment to be proposed in a platform without stopping considering the cost and all administrative issues related to the establishment of each of those solutions.

Choosing your online payment service provider

E-commerce can get assistance from online payment service providers to manage online transactions. Not only is it a practical solution, but also it saves time. You can compare all the offers proposed by other providers in order to find the solution that suits your interests the best.

A multi-channel solution is necessary in order to facilitate the use of all forms of payments methods. More than 20% of online customers give up their purchase due to transaction problems such as payment method unavailable or difficult procedure. The chosen service provider has therefore the obligation to overcome those kinds of problems.

Limonetik offers e-traders payment management services that give the customers the opportunity to combine all forms of online payments available. The customer can therefore purchase by using gift cards or bank cards without facing any complicated procedure. Simplicity is indeed a truly appreciated condition that guarantees customers’ fidelity.

All forms of payment will be combined as one single system with the authorization metaserver method.