Boost your international offer with “on the shelf” collecting solution and a portfolio of more than 170 international payment methods

There are many challenges for PSPs: managing and securing the payments of thousands of traders, whatever the transaction channel, both nationally and internationally, offering market place offer or “collecting mode”, add bespoke payment methods to offer customers and consumers an optimal Omni-channel purchasing pathway…


Do you want to


  • quickly integrate new payment methods to offer them to your customers as consumers adopt them?
  • offer “collecting” mode without the burden of becoming a financial institution ?
  • offer “on the shelf” marketplace “features” to your merchants?
  • accelerate and simplify e-trader’s access to payment methods (e-wallets, gift cards, pre-paid solutions, online credit, etc.)?
  • offer divided/partial payment?


With the Limonetik platform


  • you offer your customers a large choice of new payment methods, even the most recent ones, European and international, physical or digital,More than 120 available Settle in local currency,
  • connect to payment institutions of your choice and adapt to local regulation rules,
  • reconciliate your payment to make sur what payment method pay you is what they owe  you,
  • give your customers access to sales stimulation tools to enrich the customer experience and increase their conversion rate and average basket,
  • simplify the management of complex monetary flows like the combination of several payment methods for the same purchase and offer a consolidated financial reporting.

Experts in payment orchestration and connecting complementary innovative payment methods & payment institution, Limonetik brings a ready to use and flexible payment solution to Marketplaces. Using it means gaining time at all stages, from recruiting sellers to settling payments.