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Cards or prepaid accounts, loyalty programs, paper vouchers (gifts, holiday vouchers, restaurant ones, etc.), coupons, wallets, easy payment, etc., the success of your payment methods depends on the range of their acceptance network and, more and more, on their levels of user satisfaction.

Limonetik gives payment method emitters (specialised providers and stores) access to a combination of banking, e-commerce and marketing expertise to:

  • create, connect and optimise differentiating payment methods,
  • accelerate the acceptance of physical or digital payment methods with a vast network of e-traders (the majority of the main e-commerce sites in France),
  • create and pilot, in real time, operations to encourage sales and loyalty.

Do you want to


    • Accelerate and simplify e-traders’ access to your payment methods?
    • Manage the professional specifics and personalise your payment page for an optimised customer experience and an increased attractiveness?
    • Create targeted marketing campaigns to increase the use of your payment methods and user loyalty?


With the Limonetik platform

  • your payment methods are available there where their users want to use them (online and in store), for online and offline purchases,
  • you offer an online payment stage optimised and enriched via complementary payment and targeted promotional actions,
  • you’re able to instantly reward user loyalty thanks to reductions and stimulate the use of your payment methods via timely marketing campaigns.

Limonetik ensures safety, tractability and reporting of payments thanks to advanced back-office functions.


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