Be compliant with regulations, facilitate financial reconciliation and select international partners


Marketplaces are to e-commerce what shopping centres are to traditional commerce. Yet because a trip isn’t sold in the same way as multimedia content or clothing, Marketplaces must have payment solutions that are agile enough to adapt to the particularities of the activity and the management rules of sellers (cashing after withdrawal period, managing deposits, payment on delivery, etc.).


Do you want to


  • Sell anywhere in the world and adapt to local payment habits
  • Simplify the management of complex monetary flows (multi-sellers, multi-country, multi currencies), the allocation of payments and the monitoring of accounts blocked from sellers?
  • Automate billing and take off commissions at the source of business, depositing received payments and refunding sellers?
  • Centralise the management of financial flows all the while respecting the standards in place in each country?
  • Connect thousands of sellers to your supply network thanks to the automatic enrolment and configuration of seller accounts?


With the Limonetik platform


  • Connect more than 170 payment methods from all over the world
  • Simplify the management of complex monetary flows like the combination of several payment methods for a single purchase,
  • Centralise the accounting and financial monitoring of transactions between multiple sellers and large customer volumes,
  • Make payment marketing happen thanks to advanced and personalisable functions for running payment pages.
  • Settle in local currency
  • Connect to payment institutions of your choice and adapt to local regulation rules

Experts in payment orchestration and connecting complementary innovative payment methods, Limonetik brings a ready to use and flexible payment solution to Marketplaces. Using it means gaining time at all stages, from recruiting sellers to settling payments.