Offer a new innovative and loyalty inspiring service to your policy holders

Offer a new innovative and loyalty inspiring service to your policy holders

Following a claim, more and more policy holders want to benefit from the wide range of choice and tariffs offered online. Far from being a constraint, this situation is an opportunity.

Do you want to


  • Manage an account or a prepaid compensation card in a few clicks and send it via email or via your personalised customer area?
  • Support your customers in their replacement process by offering them a large selection of Limonetik partner trading sites?
  • Incease your policy holder satisfaction by allowing them to manage their replacement budget how they want, without any monetary advance?
  • Develop innovative partnerships with trading sites and strengthen the links with your policy holder community thanks to loyalty programs (loyalty card, immediate discounts or on the next purchase, dedicated flash sales, etc.)?

With the Limonetik platform

  • create a new original payment method in the form of a service for policy holders,
  • support the development of the service by facilitating the integration of the payment method with their network of e-traders,
  • orchestrate payments to simplify management and accounting reconciliations,
  • enrich the customer experience thanks to tools to generate loyalty campaigns and payment marketing.

Limonetik brings an innovative solution by making it simple and possible to create a personalised payment method dedicated to your company, immediately available on over 90% of the main French e-trading sites, without complex technical integration.

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