I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one  by Kate Light

Back in 1993 Wu-Tang Clan came out with their biggest hit C.R.E.A.M. (cash rules everything around me); fast forward 13 years and its more like I’ve got 99 ways to pay and cash ain’t one. We have gone from having one way to pay to way too many; enter Limonetik. The French startup created a solution; they took all alternative forms of payments (including wallets and even bitcoin) and integrated them into one single outlet.

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30 May - 3 June | French Tech Tour Russia 2016

Discovering the core of the Russian innovation ecosystem; meet the key decision makers of the Fintech Revolution ! revolution.francefintech.org #FFT1624

UATP partners payment technology provider Limonetik

UATP, the airline-owned payment network, has announced that payment technology provider Limonetik has joined the Network to expand UATP’s choice of payment methods.

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Meet Limonetik at Money2020Europe, the largest global event of payments and innovative financial technology services in Europe

15:20-16:05 | Monday 4 April

"Simplifying e-commerce payments: The quest for a seamless checkout experience" | Panel discussion with Christophe Bourbier, Limonetik CEO & Co-founder

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To expand global, act locally now! Actionable insights for cross-border e-commerce

Join us (speakers) at the Meeting Place for Companies Fueling Commerce Through Payment Innovation!

March 21-23, 2016 | Hyatt Regency | New Orleans, LA

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