At Limonetik our values are inseparable from the company

Impassioned by our profession and united around an unshakable dynamic, we put in place everything to build a real partnership with our customers and facilitate the achievement of their projects.

Team Building October 2015

High performing, pragmatic and efficient, our staff share the same values, those that define our company, our customer approach and our working methods:

  • Passion and Innovation: at Limonetik, we are all passionate about technology, e-currency, marketing and customer relations. We put our energy at the service of our customers’ performance so they stay ahead.
  • Agility and Reliability: at Limonetik we simplify the complex. This solution isn’t an inextricable paper chase; the way it works is safe, simple and quick to implement. What’s more we support you and put our expertise and our professionalism at your service.
  • Efficiency and Dynamism: at Limonetik, we work closely with our customers, respecting our commitments and responsiveness. If a problem appears we put everything in place to resolve it quickly under the best conditions. Enthusiastic, optimistic and creative, our energy is constructive and targeted towards the future.
  • Listening and Open mindedness: at Limonetik, we create transparent and long lasting relationships with our customers and our partners. We listen to the market, consumers, technological and professional developments, uses and major trends. It’s about an essential dedication to our profession and our role as a facilitator.
  • Expertise and diversity: at Limonetik, we put a team at your service that brings together a wide range of knowledge and professional skills. Coming from varied horizons (Banking-Finance, Tourism, Customer relations, e-Commerce, Service, Marketing, etc.), the rich diversity of our staff is a strength which contributes greatly to your projects being achieved.

In 2015 Limonetik signed the French "Charte de la diversité" and joined the UN Global Compact