From the idea to the company

A technological company responding to the needs for innovation in terms of e-currency, new uses and consumer expectation, Limonetik was born from the imagination of one of its co-founders who realised, after his marriage, that he couldn’t spend the money collected on his Internet wedding list online. He therefore realised that very few payments methods are valid on the Internet. Limonetik was born at the end of 2007.

In 2008, Limonetik launched a pilot with Printemps Listes.

Two years of research and development at the heart of the most reputable incubators in Paris were necessary to develop this new “all in one” e-currency solution. At the end of 2009, Limonetik connected six payment methods with forty trading sites.

One year later, in 2010, Limonetik became the model for payment methods who wanted to quickly and easily be present on the main French trading sites and bring a new dynamic dimension to payment pages. The same year Limonetik took its first steps onto the European market with the American FSR loyalty program (Foodservice Rewards).

In 2011, Newfund funds, Orkos and the financial backer Norbert Dentressangle join the historical investors of Limonetik.

2014, Limonetik accelerates its international development.


Now Limonetik allows online and offline payment stakeholders (physical vouchers, holiday vouchers, gift cards, credit cards, privative prepaid cards, loyalty points, wedding lists, e-wallets, etc.) to easily and quickly deploy their payment methods on the biggest e-commerce sites.

A real HUB, the Limonetik platform facilitates online transactions, for the benefit of consumers, e-commerce sites, PSPs and payment methods.


Energize Payments