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The advent of multi-channel commerce, the growth of the Omni-channel customer pathway and the multiplication in payment methods bring new challenges for commerce. E-traders therefore find themselves confronted with managing increasingly complex financial transactions each with their own management rules.

Highly experienced in e-currency, Limonetik can process all payment methods as a single one, thanks to the uniting concept of meta-server authorisation.

The Orchestration Of Payments, How Does It Work?

Facilitating acceptance, managing divided payments and simplifying monetary operations


orchestrates different requests (authorisation requests, debits, cancelations, re-crediting) from the authorisation servers of payment methods and applies the appropriate monetary rules to each one.

The e-trader:

Interrogates the Limonetik authorisation meta-server just once which centralises the responses before sending it back an overall single authorisation.

Improving accounting and financial monitoring


Unified account reporting facilitates the reconciliation of direct financial exchanges between payment methods and e-traders.


The built-in management of accounting and financial flows simplifies the execution and monitoring of transactions between sellers and buyers through a marketplace.

Enriching the user experience

With Limonetik, each payment page becomes unique and focused on the user experience:

keeping your bearings thanks to personalised graphics for the e-trader or payment method.

rewarding them for their loyalty, by conditional displays of reductions depending on the context (where they come from, amount, etc.).

staying at their side and reassuring them at the critical moment of payment, for example via a rapid contact from customer services.

making purchasing simple for them by allowing them to combine, as they please, the payment methods they have.